About Us

Screen Shop has been around since 1957. With over 50 years of experience you can be sure we know how to make all types of screens. We definitely offer a lot of products and services other screen shops don’t offer, like an actual Showroom. We’re not some overnight screen shop working out of the back of a pickup truck. We have a mobile service as well as screen drop off and pickup. We come to you. It’s a little known fact that there are several choices for the model screen door you are picking, and a wide selection of screen materials you can choose. Just take a look at our Swinging Doors page. Don’t let some “onsite” door-to-door screen salesman talk you into buying the ONE door he has on his truck today.

Established in 1957.
Our Shop has been around for over 50 years. It was started primarily as an aluminum window screen mesh repair business and eventually became an all around screen superstore with the advancement of insect screening technology and materials. Over the last 30 years, while under the management of Owner Al Peyton, we have also added sales and service of Closet Doors and Shower Doors, “Environmentally Friendly” products and practices like Super Solar Screens and material recycling practices.